Create 360° VR Tours on the Go.

A Cloud based Virtual Tour Software for the Architect, Engineering and Construction Industry and the Creative Tribes enabling them to Create, Publish, and Share 3D Virtual Tours on the Go.
Create 360° Virtual Tours / VR Walkthroughs / 3D Experiences and more with Melzo Kalaa

3 Step Process

Create Virtual Tour in less than 5 Minutes


Capture and upload panorama/360° images


Add Information pop-ups, Gifs, Carousels, pdfs, 3D menu, and more


Publish, Share, & embed it anywhere with a single link

Pre-sales Simplfied

  • Capture the true essence and feel of your architectural designs to showcase a property that is yet to be built.

  • Using such a visualizer, you can allow customers, vendors, labour workers, and contractors working on an ongoing project, to visualize and experience the project as if it was already built - improving collaboration and decision making along the way.

Try Before You Buy

  • The rendering cost, for most architects, turns out to be a dead knot. The money spent on rendering 3D models and floor plans for clients can prove to be useless if clients themselves cannot access it anytime they want, and explore design options on their own. Our product can solve just that.

  • Using Virtual Tours architects have found a 30% Increase in Physical Visit Requests from their prospects.


3D Property Listings

  • Make the most out of your real estate listings with 360° Virtual Tours and make more profit using Melzo Kalaa. Create an in-person experience that ordinary photos can't simply recreate, using high definition aerial views and more.

  • 360° Virtual Tours have a rich sharing rate of 45% - that's a game changer for your business!

Shareable 360° Portfolio

  • Most architects run their companies on referral businesses and to cater these needs, Kalaa has developed multimedia options to let you integrate your company logos, themes & branding in your Virtual Tours and 3D Experiences.

  • Along with that you can add Gifs, Images, Videos, Pop-ups, Carousels, and document files within your Virtual Tour.

  • This means, With Melzo Kalaa, your work will reach prospects on its own and hence your referral business will grow without you having to send your designs to each prospect individually.

Less Explaining, More Showcasing

  • Change the way you communicate ideas with clients and builders! Architects waste most of their time editing, reworking on projects, and handling clients. No room for generating quality ideas.

  • With Kalaa you can simplify the collaboration process and save upto 30+ hours/month spent on solving clientss doubts.

Lead Generation Campaigns

  • It's not just about looking fancy. Using Virtual Tours you can integrate lead generation forms on your website and get qualified leads 24x7.

  • With Kalaa, propects that come to see your property are already more likey to convert since 'What you see is what you want.


Interactive Virtual Showrooms

Kalaa provides a marketplace to take your audience on a 3D guided tour and immersive world-class experience of your creative vision.

32% Increase in engagement by using 360° visuals.

Promotional Tours for Travel & Tourism

360° Virtual Tours of Resorts, Hotels and amenities will always give you an upperhand compared to your competitiors.

360° Tours for Virtual learning

Create 360° Virtual Tours of Historical places with Melzo kalaa and Provide rich insights of the ancient culture and civilization to your students.



Businesses and creators engaged with


Views across


Immersive and interactive expriences

Using Melzo


Purposefully designed with the latest features

Fully Supportive

Showcase your virtual tours on any device - PC, laptop, mobile, & tablet

Intro & Preloader Editor

Customize the intro card and preloader with your logo and brand theme

Nadir logo

Add your company logo to cover the tripod patch in your 360° panaroma shots


password protected Virtual Tours for safekeeping your creativity

Instant Background Removal

Use Chroma key/Green Screen in your tours to Integrate Human Bot in your Virtual Tours high-quality visuals


Access it with a web-link so you don’t need to download any application or plugin

Navigation Menu Manager

Create easy-to-navigate tours by adding custom floor plan navigation points and let users explore the tour on their own

Like button and feedback form

Get insights on your virtual tour with options for Like button and Feedback forms

Custom url shortner

Create a Short url for easy sharing

Custom animation

Use different animation options to create a truly interactive experience

Mobile Panaroma

Capture and upload panaroma straight from your device and create 360 Virtual Tours Instantly

360° Scene Navigation

Navigate smoothly between 360° spaces/scenes with fully guided 360 Virtual Tours

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